Applications & Claims

To be eligible for support from the LEADER programme, your project must contribute to one or more of the activities and targets set out in the North Aberdeenshire Local Development Strategy, which can be downloaded from the Library section of this site.  They are:



Business Competitiveness

Better Opportunities


In addition to meeting at least one of the above priorities, LEADER projects must contribute to all of the horizontal themes in the strategy: Innovation, Sustainability, Equal Opportunities and Community Empowerment.

The first stage in the application process is to submit an expression of interest form through the Scottish Rural Network page:

Once your form has been received, you will be contacted by the North Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator who will let you know whether your project is eligible to progress to application stage, and can provide support for developing your project planning and application.  An expression of interest can be submitted at any stage.

Formal applications will be submitted through the Scottish Government LARCS online system, the North Aberdeenshire LEADER team will help you with this.

To submit a full application for LEADER support you must be at a reasonably advanced stage in your project planning.  Do you know exactly what you’re going to do, why you’re doing it, when you’re going to do it and how much it’s going to cost? Can you provide evidence for your costs, and demonstrate that they are reasonable? Have a look at our checklist below to see if you’re ready to apply:


Applications will be assessed by the Local Action Group.

2017/18 Timetable

2017 Application Deadline Project Assessment Committee Date Local Action Group Date
Application Round 8 07/01/18 22/02/18 22/03/18
Application Round 9 22/04/18 07/06/18 05/07/18
 Application Round 10  26/08/18  10/10/18 08/11/18

Payments to approved projects are made in arrears after expenditure has been incurred and milestones achieved.  Claims are made through the LARCS system.

Other Funders

LEADER sits within the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP), you may wish to check whether your project would be eligible for one of the other grant schemes.  An overview of the schemes can be found here: 

There is also a comprehensive database of funding organisations in Scotland on the SCVO Funding Scotland website: