We wish to commission detailed architectural plans and a number of studies – conservation statement, quantity surveyor and structural engineers input which will bring our current commissioned drawings to warrant stage and bring forward our restoration strategy for Strichen Town House. This will provide the material for ongoing community engagement and detailed costings in order to take forward the project to major funders.
The works will provide evidence for the architectural feasibility of the project – which is ultimately to accommodate library, museum and archive facilities -in a Category ‘A’ listed building which forms the focal point of the Centre of the 19th century planned village. This must be compatible with the building’s additional proposed function as a flexible community building available for performances, organised groups, talks, events and cinema showings. It will also provide practical solutions to the challenges of providing full and equitable access to the upstairs of the building by advancing the design of a modern extension – which must house a lift, a staircase/fire escape, supply toilet facilities which will be open to the public during the daytime (replacing the Local Authority amenity closed some years ago) and serve an interpretive and marketing function for the contents of the building.